Billing &

We Invite You to Experience Quality Lawn Care & Landscaping Services as well as Personal Service with a Company You Can Trust.


Billing & Payment

Trinity River Lawn Care & Landscaping Accepts:

  • Cash

  • Credit Cards

    (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover)

  • Checks

  • Intuit Payment Network

Invoices for Services Rendered or the Monthly Payments related to the Annual Maintenance Contract are mailed or emailed on the first of each month. Payment is due upon receipt. (A return envelope is enclosed with each mailed invoice for your convenience).
Your prompt payment is greatly appreciated!

Checks returned for insufficient funds or credit cards that are denied payment may result in an additional fee of
up to twenty dollars ($20.00). Accounts that are 30-days past due may result in an
additional monthly fee of 1.5% (18% annually).
Trinity River Lawn Care & Landscaping will pursue all remedies afforded by the State of Texas to ensure
full payment is received.

We understand customer may forget or have other reasons for missing payments. If this is the case, please contact Dena - I will work with you if you work with me!


Customer Bill of Rights

Our customers have rights when it comes to expecting the best from
Trinity Lawn Care and Landscaping Services.
Our goal is to provide professional, affordable, reliable lawn care and landscaping services
that exceed your expectations. Our business will not exist unless our customers are completely satisfied.

  • Our Customer's have a right to professional, affordable, an reliable lawn care and landscaping services.

  • Our Customer's have a right to be treated with courtesy, honesty and respect.

  • Our Customer's have a right to trained, experienced and dedicated lawn care specialists using only properly maintained equipment.

  • Our Customer's have a right to an immediate response to questions or concerns.

  • Our Customer's have a right to expect us to honor our commitments.


Our Guarantee To You

Trinity River Lawn Care & Landscaping takes pride of ownership and
we are committed in providing our customers with quality lawn care and landscaping services.
We strive for perfection and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

In the unlikely event we fail to deliver what we promised or if you are not satisfied in any way,
contact Dena Kangas at (817) 901-9848 or Raul Casas at (817) 734-2032 and we will make it right.

No excuses, no run-around, no attitude!
Just our commitment to your total satisfaction!